Acili Karides Guvec (Spicy) £14.95

Prawns cooked with garlic, mixed vegetable topped with special sauce

Moussaka £11.95

Baked layers of aubergine, potatoes and minced lamb, with béchamel sauce topped with cheese

Tavuk Guvec £11.95

Diced chicken cooked with tomatoes, onions, fresh mix peppers and mushroom

Adana Kebap £11.95

Marinated fine cuts of minced lamb mixed with fres herbs and grilled on skewer, slightly spicy

Ali Nazik £14.45

Smoked grill aubergines pureed with yoghurt garlic dressing topped with tender sautéed lamb served in tomato sauce

Iskender £14.95

Grilled lamb, chicken & kofte with yoghurt & tomato sauce served on a bed of crispy homemade pide bread cubes

Izgara Tavuk Budu £11.95

Boneless marinated chicken legs

Kuzu Iskender £14.95

Grilled lamb with yoghurt and tomato sauce served on a bed of crispy homemade pide bread cubes

Kuzu Sis £13.95

Marinated pieces of lamb threaded on to skewer

Old Leigh Special £15.95

An assortment of kebabs including lamb shish, lamb cutlet, adana(minced lamb) kebab and chicken shish

Pirzola £14.45

Lamb chops with root mash

Sarma Beyti £12.95

Grilled minced lamb wrapped in lavash bread, sliced and topped with tomato sauce, yoghurt and melted butter

Tavuk Iskender £13.45

Grilled chicken with yoghurt and tomato sauce served on a bed of crispy homemade pide bread cubes

Tavuk Sis £11.95

Marinated pieces of chicken threaded on to skewer

Cacik (V) £4.45

Traditional Turkish yoghurt, cucumber, garlic, mint and dill

Humus (V) £4.45

Pureed chickpeas with sesame oil, garlic and lemon juice

Imam Bayildi (V) £4.95

Roast aubergine, tomatoes, onions and herbs

Ispanakli Yogurt (V) £4.45

Strained yoghurt, spinach, carrots and garlic

MIXED MEZE [per person] £6.95

(Min. 2 People)

Humus, Tarama, Imam Bayildi, Ispanaklı Yoghurt, Tabule, Borek and Falafel

Tabule (V) £4.45

Finely chopped parsley, crushed wheat, tomatoes, onions, mint and lemon oil

Tarama Salata £4.75

Smoked cod roe mousse

Zeytinyagli Dolma (V) £4.95

Stuffed vine leaves with rice, onion and pine kernels

Izgara Levrek £13.95

Two (2) fillets of sea bass with spinach and mash potato

Izgara Somon Salata £13.95

Grilled salmon with fresh crispy salad, grilled peppers, cherry tomatoes and sweetcorn

Karisik Balik Izgara £15.95

Monkfish, Salmon and King Prawns on a skewer served with crispy salad and broccoli

Borek (V) £4.45

Filo pastry filled with feta cheese and spinach

Cizbiz Kofte £5.95

Finely keaned and grilled meatballs with red onion salad

Damak Special £6.45

Turkish spicy sausaged, cured beef and pickled peppers cooked in tomato sauce

Falafel (V) £4.95

Mashed chickpeas, broad beans and fresh vegetables fritter

Hellim £5.45

Grilled Cyprus cheese

Kalamar £5.45

Fried squid, rocher and tartar sauce

Karides Tava £5.95

Sautéeed prawns with garlic, spring onion and fresh tomatoes

Mantar Sote (V) £5.75

Pan fried mushrooms with garlic and grilled goats cheese

Sucuk Izgara £5.45

Grilled garlic spicy sausage

Tavuk Ciger £4.95

Sautéed chicken livers cooked with butter, gravy sauce onions and fresh pepper

Whitebait £5.45

Deep fried whitebait coated in flour served with tartar sauce

Coban Salata £5.45

Tomatoes, cucumber, parsley and red onion mixed with olive oil and lemon juice

Ezme Salata £5.75

Crushed chillies, red onions, tomatoes and mixed herbs

Feta Salata £5.75

Tomato, cucumber, parsley and olives topped with feta cheese and drizzled with salad dressing

Chips £2.45
Rice £2.45
Spinach £3.25
Yoghurt £2.45
Acili Sebze (Spicy) £10.95

Mixed vegetables, aubergines, peppers, tomatoes and carrots cooked in spicy sauce

Akdeniz Hellim Salata £11.45

Grilled halloumi cheese with fresh crispy salad, grilled peppers, cherry tomatoes, fresh mint leaves, olives and humus

Patlican Kapama £10.95

Fried aubergine stuffed with fried onions, peppers and tomatoes, melted cheese on top, baked in the oven with a special tomato sauce, served with rice and yoghurt

Vegetarian Moussaka £10.95

Oven bakeed layers of vegetables encased with béchamel sauce, topped with cheese