Lunch Menu

£10.95 per person

Monday to Sunday from 12 noon to 3pm

2 Course Menu

Humus (V) (DF) (GF)

Purees chickpeas with sesame oil, garlic and lemon juice

Tarama (DF) (GF)

Smooked cod roe mousse

Zeytinyagli Dolma (V) (DF)

Stuffed vine leaves with rice, onion and pine kernels

Ispanakli Yogurt (V) (GF)

Strained yogurt, spinach, carrots and garlic

Falafel (V) (DF) (GF)

Mashed chickpeas, broad beans and fresh vegetable fritter

Borek (V)

Filo pastry filled with feta cheese or spinach

Sucuk & Hellim

Grilled garlic spicy sausage and Cyprus cheese


Deep fried whitebait coated in flour served with tartar sauce

Tavuk Sis (GF)

Marinated pieces of chicken threaded on to skewer

Adana Kebab (DF) (GF)

Marinated fine cuts of minced lamb mixed with fresh herbs and grilled on skewer, slightly spicy

Lamb Sarma Beyti

Grilled minced lamb wrapped in a thin home made bread, sliced and topped with tomato sauce, yoghurt and melted butter

Tavuk Guvec

Diced chicken cooked with tomatoes, onions, fresh mixed peppers and mushroom

Vegeterian Mousakka (V)

Oven baked layers of vegetables encased with bechamel sauce, topped with cheese

Izgara Levrek

One(1) fillets of sea bass with mash potato and vegetable

Akdeniz Hellim Salata (V)

Grilled halloumi cheese with fresh crispy salad, cherry tomatoes, fresh mint leaves, olives and humus[

Grilled Chicken Salad

Grilled chicked served with a mix saled

Patlican Kapama (V) (GF)

Fried aubergine stuffed with fried onions, peppers, carrots and tomatoes, melted cheese on top, baked in the oven with a special tomato sauce, served with rice