New Year's Eve Menu

£44.95 per person


Old Leigh Special

An assortment of kebabs including lamb sish, lamb cutlet, adana(minced lamb) kebab and Chicken Shish served with Rice and Salad

Lamb Shish

Marinated pieces of Lamb threaded on to skewer, served with Rice and Salad

Chicken Shish

Marinated pieces of Chicken threaded on to skewer, served with Rice and Salad

Adana Kebab

Marinated fine cuts of minced lamb mixed with fresh herbs and grilled on skewer, slightly spicy, served with Rice and Salad


Grilled Lamb, Chicken & Kofte with Yoghurt & Tomato sauce on a bed of crispy homemade pitta bread cubes

Fish Kebab

Monkfish, Salmon and king Prawns on a Skewer served with Crispy salad and Mash potatoes

Akdeniz Hellim Salad

Grilled Halloumi Cheese with Fresh Crispy Salad. Grilled Peppers, Tomatoes, Fresh Mint Leaves, Olives and Humsu

Vegetarian Moussaka

Oven baked layers of vegetables encased with bechamel sauce, topped with cheese

Baklava / Cheesecake / Chocolate Cake